We treat every day
with the quality


We see packaging …differently!

Our vision is a better world. This provides us with inspiration for creation, aesthetics, and innovative ideas. With our social and environmental conscience at the center, we introduce useful changes which upgrade everyday quality and lead to new, more intense experiences in life.

Everyone is
our priority!

We are all in the spotlight! Nothing is worthwhile if man is not in the foreground. In turn, we contribute to a new social landscape, support those in need, give a step to the new generation and lay the foundations for a society with substance and perspective.
» Cooperation with local society
» Offering products to organizations, conferences and Social Grocery Stores
» Supporting local actions through sponsorship
» Cooperation with educational institutions
» School visits to our facilities
» Voluntary contribution to coastal cleaning

See the Framework of Social Responsibility HERE 


We make circular economy a way of life

Εnvironment is our home. We treat it with respect and responsibility. This inspires us to create flexible and light packaging, according to the most modern eco friendly quality features. Specifically, our packaging:
» is easily stored and transported
» is re-usable
» has a longer lifespan
» consumes less energy and natural resources
» causes less emissions of CO2 into the environment

See the principles of sustainability here.

We protect the environment

Less emissions of
pollutant gases

Less use of
packaging materials

Less emissions
of CO2

Less fuel consumption

Our values define us

Experiences build characters, relationships, values, life as a whole. And we want the experiences we create at FLEXIA to leave a strong mark on the daily life. Transparency in our partnerships, protection of labor rights, safe working conditions and the exceptional quality of our products ensure ideal conditions for our vision to become true!

See our Code of Ethics here.

See our See our Supplier Code of Conduct here.

See our company’s policies here

Our Values

Ensuring equal opportunities
Trust & Confidentiality
Health & Safety
Trade union freedom