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Flexible Food Packaging

Our food packaging films and services help to maintain the taste and freshness of food to the greatest possible extent. We produce safe flexible food packaging for microwave ovens, dairy products, frozen food, meat, fresh food, and baked goods. Furthermore, our production facilities are certified in accordance with the ISO and HACCP standards.

Frozen Food

Frozen food requires packaging which differentiates it from other types of food. A packaging that protects and conserves the product, easy to use by the consumer, and one that functions properly on the production line. Co-extruded or laminated film, printed with HD-Flexo, Roto, or unprinted.

Fresh Food

Printed or unprinted films with the possibility of having antifog properties, to offer an extention of lifespan of fresh salads, vegetables, herbs, fruit, and other fresh food.

Dry Food

Our films, printed and unprinted, have moisture barriers and a low coefficient of friction, which, combined with the possibility of heat sealing at low temperatures, will protect the food by maintaining its features. Appropriate for all vertical and flowpack machinery.

Lidding Films

We offer a wide range of sealing films with excellent sealing, easy opening, and barriers which allow the packaged food such as meat, fish, prepared meals, etc. to be preserved.

Bakery Products

Highly transparent films, printed or unprinted, suitable for packaging of baked goods such as bread which allow the product to “breathe” in order to preserve its crispness and its other organoleptic characteristics.

Pet Food

High-quality laminated films with the appropriate barriers, exceptional functioning with packaging machinery, the possibility of modified atmosphere conditions, pasteurization or even easy opening. Printed with high-quality HD flexography or rotogravure.


The films for this category offer excellent protection due to their high barriers to humidity, oxygen and UV radiation, in order the snacks to remain fresh and crisp.
Possibility of sealing at low temperatures (LTS – Low Temperatures Sealing) and exceptional functionality with high-speed packaging machinery (VFFS and HFFS)


Printed or unprinted films for every sort of sweet snack, sugar and candies, either with packaging film of packed together products or individually such as candies and with the possibility of twistable property, even with use of paper.


Each type of cheese has its own different packaging requirement. For this reason, we provide different films with the corresponding barriers and packaging method.

Coffee – M.A.P.

The films of this category are manufactured by utilizing materials with different properties, in order to provide to demanding food such as coffee, the protection from humidity, oxygen, odors, or any other adverse atmosphere. There is also the possibility of packaging in a modified atmosphere, with easy opening.